Transfer is happening...

Deebz aR posted Aug 18, 16

Many people have already made the switch to Aggramar/Fizzcrank, by far the most popular choice. For those of you who had voted no to transfer, it is my hope that you will still join us nonetheless! As mentioned before, please reach out to Bry if there are financial concerns that make the move prohibitive. This also goes for people reading this far into the future, well after the guild transfer. Get in touch with Bry!

The plan is to execute the guild transfer the night of August 19th. Those of you wishing to move some gold to the guild bank should do so immediately, and Bry will release funds once he has transferred.

Transferring Servers

Deebz aR posted Jul 31, 16

Hello all,

This was brought up before and while it got a little traction, we ultimately ended up staying.

However, Hummer would like to get the conversation going again.

Please visit the forums and provide your opinion!

There are often discounts/sales on transfers with expansions.

Either way, please provide your thoughts!

Legion Cinematic Unveiled!

Nikolay aR posted Nov 6, 15