Who We Are:
We are group of friends crossing North America that have come together through a shared love of gaming. We enjoy stomping raid bosses and looting those sweet, sweet purples. We strive to be top performers in all aspects of a game -- PvP, PvE, raids, achievements, or whatever presents a challenge and captures our attention.
CD was formed during 2001 in Dark Age of Camelot while most of us were in college or university. From there we migrated to World of Warcraft, but continue to dabble in a wide variety of games from MMOs to FPS to RTS. Most of us now have families and careers, and our prime gaming time is now typically later in the evening. While we can no longer put in four hours every weeknight to be a server first, we pride ourselves on efficiency. If most guilds take ten hours to learn and complete a boss, we find our team doing it in half the time.
Reach out to us if you are seeking a guild of adults that values having fun while making quick progress!
Our Principles:
The secret to our longevity and success revolves around our mutual respect for others and a commitment to excellence.
We all have lives/work/families and none of us want to login in to counsel or deal with the baggage of others. We are a mature guild that expects our members to understand our values and conduct themselves in a fun and positive manner. We want to project a positive public image and reputation of the guild at all times. We do not tolerate trolling, public ‘flame wars’, arrogance, airing dirty laundry on forums, or other negative behavior. If you are the type of person that needs to brag about wiping an opponent off the map, then please look for another guild…. we’ll be too busy wiping the second and third guy off the map by then.
We expect our players to be the very best that they can be. Not everyone has to be the most dominant or highest ranked class on the server, but if you are going to be a member of CD, then there is an expectation that you are constantly trying to improve and evolve. Everyone should research, share, and educate other members on their findings so that we learn and improve ourselves collectively. We will work with players to provide techniques, skill, and strategies for both competitive and cooperative game play.