Highmaul Opens on December 2nd

By Nikolay a - Posted Nov 26, 14
It's been over a year in the making, but Tier 17 is finally almost here! Our first raid will be on Tuesday at 6:30pm PST / 9:30pm EST and run for two hours.

The bare minimum ilvl to get slotted is 625, and this should be easily attainable with the 680 epic ring, heroic drops, and Apexis Crystal items. If you're looking for more information on how to get your ilvl up, check out this guide. While 625 is the minimum, higher is better, and ideally you'll be able to get to 630 or even 635.

Here are the other requirements:
- All items must be enchanted and gemmed, but you can use the cheap enchants/gems for now. (We don't expect people to shell out for their blue items.)
- You must bring your own consumables (flasks, food, and potions). At some point the guild should be able to provide feasts and flasks, but we're not equipped for that just yet.
- Cursory knowledge of the first few bosses.
- Proper spec, talents, glyphs, and stat prioritization (may vary among fights).

The current plan is to do Normal Highmaul on Tuesday and Thursday, then depending on how that goes, check out Heroic on Sunday. Note that anyone who is underperforming in Normal may not get a raid spot in Heroic - so come prepared!

You can view the calendar via the "Raid Signups" link above, or for the first raid you can click here to jump directly to it. You'll need to attach your WoW character to your Enjin account before you'll be able to sign up.