Highmaul Progression is Underway

By Nikolay a - Posted Dec 8, 14
Well, the first week of raiding is in the books, and while there was a bit of a false start on Tuesday, we still managed three nights of raiding in which we killed 6/7 bosses on Normal and the first boss (Kargath) on Heroic. Next up is finishing off Normal so we can turn our full attention toward Heroic progression! As it currently stands, we are one of 15 guilds in the server group (all servers merged with ours) that have killed Kargath, but only 2 have killed Butcher, so a kill next week would likely jump us up quite a bit in the rankings.

If you want to watch the VoD of the kill, you can check out my viewpoint here. Unfortunately the audio cuts out partway in because Twitch decided the podcast I was listening to was copyrighted (but the first part was okay, I guess?), so if anyone really cares I can upload the clip to Youtube with full audio. Either way I'm only planning to make edited videos for final bosses - the earlier ones are just a bump in the road!

Also, this happened: