Blackhand is dead.

By Nikolay a - Posted May 17, 15

Update: The kill video is now live!

Way back when we had just knocked off Blast Furnace and unlocked Blackhand for the first time, I remember someone asking me if Blackhand was going to be just as difficult. I laughed and told the raid to prepare their buttholes... Boy do I wish I hadn't been so right. Approximately 127 pulls and one month later, Blackhand has finally met his end. On the first pull of the night, no less.

Holy crap. What an incredibly difficult fight, and what an outstanding amount of effort put in by every single person on the team. Great job guys. Seriously. You earned this kill. This boss pushed us further than anything we've ever encountered before, yet we perservered and got it done.

I want to give a shout out to Galadril and Wyre, both who were in for a significant number of attempts but weren't able to make it to the raid tonight for the first kill.

Next week will be a well-deserved break, after which we'll hit farm for a few weeks or so as needed. Video coming soon!